Online security: 6 simple rules suitable for all ages

Do you have an asphyxiating mother or a father who wants to know continuously what you are doing, both in normal life and on Interner? C’est la vie! If you want more freedom, behave like

Do you have an asphyxiating mother or a father who wants to know continuously what you are doing, both in normal life and on Interner? C’est la vie! If you want more freedom, act like adults and show your parents that you are cautious.

You yourself will see the results. Protecting your social network accounts or those of your online games is very important. As we have told you several times on these pages, cyber criminals can enter your Facebook account, infect your smartphone with a virus or steal your video game accounts.

6 simple safety rules suitable for all ages

These criminals don’t care who they steal, it could be you or your grandfather, but if you have an account to play online, they are more likely to attack you than your grandfather. That’s why it’s important that you know how to protect your computer from Trojans and viruses. Some viruses are created to spy on you and get your hands on your passwords or other valuable data.

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As for passwords, most users use weak passwords. People very often choose unsafe combinations like ‘12345’ or ‘qwerty’; they save them on .doc files or on the hard disk and share them with friends via chat. Is it necessary to remind you that this kind of slightly habits, these naive behaviors, are not advisable ?

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On the street tell strangers where you go and what you do, what you eat for breakfast or reveal the addresses of your friends? Probably not. On the Internet you have to follow the same rules. If you do not configure the privacy settings of your social networks well, anyone can access this information by taking a look at your Facebook or Instagram profile. So, keep this information private !

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Cybercriminals know how to make money by hacking your smartphone. In fact, they are very good. For example, they can steal your money by making you make calls to toll numbers or by subscribing to paid SMS services without you noticing. For this reason, your phone needs to be protected as well as your desktop computer.

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Cyberbullying is another widespread scourge on the Internet. People are cruel and teenagers can be terrible at times. On the Internet, you may get involved in endless battles that don’t bring any good. Don’t waste your time and effort with these people; focus your energies on things that really interest you. If you find yourself facing a problem and can’t handle it, take a look at these tips .

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Remember that people are often very lying. Don’t pay attention to those beautiful girls or those guys with fantastic profiles who seem to give the idea of ​​living a dream life: that’s probably not the way things are! We all have prejudices, make mistakes and sometimes lie. So be careful: on the Internet not everything is as it seems .

Not everything on the internet is what it appears –

Now, after reading our complete guide on online security, you are ready to surf. We wish you a pleasant journey and a little rough sea! Finally, always remember to consult your parents if you have any doubts or are in a difficult situation … or leave us a comment below!

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