Flippy Knife mod apk : Get Hooked & Flip Out – Unlimited Coins
Flippy Knife mod apk : Get Hooked & Flip Out – Unlimited Coins

Flippy Knife mod apk : Get Hooked & Flip Out – Unlimited Coins

Flippy Knife mod apk: Get Hooked & Flip Out - Unlimited CoinsFlippy Knife’s latest free download mod apk version brings you a fantastic game that uses the rules of Physics and tests your knife-thr

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Name Flippy Knife
Beresnev Games
Genre Action
Size 58 MB
Version 2.0.5
Update Today
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Flippy Knife is the most famous version in the Flippy Knife series of publisher Beresnev Games
Mod Version 2.0.5

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4.7/5 - (52 votes)

Flippy Knife mod apk: Get Hooked & Flip Out – Unlimited Coins

Flippy Knife’s latest free download mod apk version brings you a fantastic game that uses the rules of Physics and tests your knife-throwing skills, among other weapons.

An Overview Of This Wacky Knife Throwing Game Mod Version

Welcome to the world of Flippy Knife in the mod apk latest version, an addictive action game where you test your skills to become the ultimate knife master!

Are you worn out of playing the same old tedious mobile games? Look no further than the Flippy Knife mod apk with no ads, the game that will have you flipping out with excitement!

This simple yet challenging game offers hours of entertainment as you master the art of knife flipping and progress through the levels to unlock new knives.

The Goal

The goal of the game is to try and flip a variety of knives into increasingly tricky targets.

Every successful flip earns points, and every failed attempt subtracts points. With its simple controls yet challenging gameplay, Flippy Knife offers an exciting experience for gamers of all ages.

Realistic Physics:

One of the things that set Flippy Knife apart from other mobile games is its realistic physics. The knives behave just like real knives, and players must take into account factors such as weight and balance when flipping them.

Furthermore, this feature adds an extra level of challenge to the game, making it more satisfying when players successfully land a flip.

It’s like you’re a knife-flipping pro without the risk of cutting yourself!

Customization Options:

Furthermore, another unique feature of the game is its customization options. Players can collect coins and gems to purchase new knives and customize their appearance.

This adds a fun element of collectability to the game and allows players to show off their skills with a unique set of knives. Who says you can’t have a designer knife collection on your phone?

Note: with the mod apk version of Flippy Knife, the players can open unlimited resources that will help them in getting new knives and assessing more coins.

Game Modes:

In addition, Flippy Knife also features a variety of different game modes to keep the game feeling fresh and offer players a variety of ways to play.

The Classic Mode

Firstly, there’s the classic mode, where you just have to hit the target, and the time attack mode, where you have to race against the clock.

The Multiplayer Mode

Secondly, there is the multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends to a knife-flipping showdown. With these game modes, you’ll never get bored!

The Boom Mode

Thirdly, are you ready to blast your way through the levels of Flippy Knife?

Home screen of Flippy Knife mod apk

In Boom Mode, you must carefully aim and throw three knives in order to successfully detonate the TNT bomb. But be warned: every missed target means starting again from the very beginning!

In addition, this mode requires careful focus, accuracy, and agility, as any miscalculation could cost you lives. So pull out your best throwing skills and get ready for some explosive action!

The Arcade Mode

Challenge your reflexes with more intricate levels in Flippy Knife’s Arcade Mode!

In addition, you’ll need to pay close attention to each mission’s varying wooden surfaces, as well as adjust both angle and height of throws accordingly. In addition, you can get extra coins with every spin of a knife or weapon in mid-air – so keep an eye out for bonus rewards as you progress!

Furthermore, you can give your finger dexterity a workout here as there are no limits on the number of throws – just one false move can mean starting over again.

Find that sweet spot between caution and speed and show off your ultimate knife-throwing prowess!

Unleash Your Inner Warrior with Flippy Knife

Take a journey through a world of adventure and excitement with Flippy Knife! You can battle your way up the leaderboard with two main game modes and earn coins to buy new weapons and tools.

What’s more, this game offers you amazement at the next level. Not only you’ll have ample choices to pick from,  but also from swords to charms, and 35 types of throwing equipment will be at your disposal as you sharpen your skills.

But, Wait!

That’s not all – daily missions offer even more rewards. So test your mettle and defy the odds with these fast-paced tasks – and when you reach the top, an even bigger blast of glory awaits!

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your blade, sharpen your aim, and get ready for hours of fun!

The Basic Gameplay Made Simple For You

So, to answer the all-time favorite question, “How do you play the Flippy Knife” read on.

The main objective of the free mod apk latest version of the mobile game Flippy Knife is to accurately throw a variety of knives into a designated target with good timing and accuracy. In addition, the Flippy Knife mod apk all knives unlocked will assist the players remarkably.

You will start off with a simple wooden knife, but as you progress further through the game, you can unlock more challenging blades like cleavers or daggers.

Flippy Knife mod apk

What’s more, with each successful hit, your score will increase, and you will get coins as a reward that you can use to purchase new knives or upgrade existing ones.

Challenges & Level Up

Every level in Flippy Knife presents a unique challenge: from balancing spinning disks on top of pegs, catching bottles before they fall from great heights, or slicing through paper targets cleanly.

In addition, each stage poses its own unique obstacles for players to master.

As the levels get more challenging, so does it become easier to make mistakes; if a knife lands outside the circle or fails to cut cleanly, your score will also take a hit.

Tips & Strategies

If you want to get ahead in Flippy Knife, then here are some general tips and strategies:

     i.        Accuracy is the Key

To ensure good accuracy, practice throwing your blades at stationary targets until you are comfortable with how they spin and land.

    ii.        Throwing Skills

When attempting trickier levels, pay attention to how far back you move your arm when throwing – always set up each flick correctly because minor miscalculations can mean missing valuable shots.

  iii.        Multiple Target Practice:

If aiming at multiple targets, always keep track of where each of your knives landed by looking in their direction immediately after releasing them – this ensures that no projectile gets lost outside the area and thus allows for maximum efficiency when trying for high scores!

  iv.        Always think one step ahead

Try anticipating what kind of shot might be necessary for any given level and practice often so that this kind of quick thinking becomes intuitive rather than reactive.

Installing the Flippy Knife Mod Apk

If you want to install the mod apk version of Flippy Knife, here are the steps:

  1. Firstly, download the .apk file from an online source that you trust.
  2. Secondly, enable installation from unknown sources on your device. You can do that by going into “Settings” > Select “Security” > Check the “Unknown sources” option.
  3. Next, use a file manager app like Astro or ES File Explorer to locate and install the mod apk file.
  4. Lastly, once installed, launch the game and enjoy!


Flippy Knife mod apk is a fun, addictive, and unique mobile game that offers hours of entertainment. Not only it includes realistic physics but it also offers customization options and a variety of game modes making it the perfect game for players of all ages.

Indeed, the Flippy Knife mod apk latest version challenges players both mentally and physically by requiring a combination of skillful timing, accurate aim, and creative problem-solving skills in order to progress through increasingly complex challenges.

Furthermore, this game encourages experimentation with different kinds of throws as well as sharpening one’s reflexes all while delivering an exciting gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more!

So, instead of using those dangerous real knives and start flipping virtual knives in Flippy Knife, you won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Flippy Knife mod apk free to play?

A: Yes, the Flippy Knife mod apk latest version is free to download and play. This mod apk version comes with unlimited resources like money and coin that helps the players upgrade their weapons and skills without further waiting.

Q: Can I play Flippy Knife mod apk on my tablet?

A: Yes, Flippy Knife is available on both mobile phones and tablets.

Q: Is there a multiplayer mode in the game?

A: Yes, Flippy Knife features a multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends to a knife-flipping showdown.

Q: Can I play Flippy Knife mod apk offline?

A: Yes, you can play the Flippy Knife mod apk game offline. However, certain features, such as leaderboards and multiplayer mode, may not be available.

Q: Are there different levels in the game?

A: Yes, there are a variety of levels in the game where players must master the art of knife flipping to progress through and unlock new knives.

Q: How do I customize my knives in the game?

A: Players can use unlimited coins and gems to purchase new knives and customize their appearance.

Furthermore, the players can earn these by completing levels and achievements in the game. You can also get these in this mod apk version of the Flippy Knife mod menu.

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4.7/5 - (52 votes)

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