Subjective Research Meets Smartphone Technology

It is unquestionable that the portable business has taken the information gadget industry by a tempest. There isn’t a situation now where one can’t locate a solitary cell phone and it is getting all the more so with the multiplication of the cell phones. Cell phones explicitly have started to supplant PCs as far as web and email use time as individuals think that its more advantageous to have the option to peruse the web through their versatile cell phones as they approach their day by day assignments instead of hold on to jump on their PCs at home or at work. It is a result of the amazing numbers that appear to develop exponentially regularly is the thing that has gotten economic scientists consideration.

Around 4 years prior, Apple had sold 2 million iPhone 4s’ in the initial three days available. This 2012 they sold that equivalent number of iPhone 5 in under an hour of its delivery. Simply taking a gander at that by itself shows how essentially unique the market is presently and their should be associated through their versatile is turning out to be increasingly evident. Google Android’s working framework alone has indicated a development of over 866% a seemingly endless amount of time after year with generally around 160,000 new android telephone units being actuated. Around the world, specialists have discovered that over 5billion individuals have cell phones and of that 5 billion individuals utilizing cell phones about 1.08B individuals are utilizing cell phones and that number is again developing at a quick pace. 5B individuals is about 70% of the total populace. AppBrain, a site that monitors applications on the two IOS and Android markets have demonstrated that there are currently more than 610,000 applications in the IOS environment and 430,000 applications on the Android Platform. It is likewise realized that over 45% of IOS clients buy an application at any rate once every month and 19% of Android clients does the very same thing.

Considering every one of these information, it is very simple to see that the cell phones are in a noteworthy situation to have an effect on how purchasers would convey and get data to and from organizations. It likewise changes the manner in which organizations are currently ready to arrive at buyers and have the option to effortlessly convey web based business and gather their input.

The advantages of portable exploration are found in the ongoing purchaser criticism that is given at the exact second a buyer is buying, utilizing or in any event, analyzing an item or administration. Using cell phones, web based examination is presently ready to contact individuals that are versatile and in a hurry permitting organizations to bring their inquiries where the buyers are at the most helpful time. This gets organizations and analysts an inside gander at the buyers’ lives in manners that different techniques for research can’t, making each second into a potential statistical surveying opportunity. With the developing base number of cell phone clients, this likens to an expected increment of the quantity of members giving a noteworthy measure of potential information that can be utilized.

Monetarily organizations can spare significantly more as customers are done being approached to partake in customary center gatherings which regularly requires charges. Cost of accommodating the gear required in the statistical surveying is likewise brought down as cell phones are completely included enough to carry out the responsibility, for example, video recording and shooting minutes that issue.

Considering these all, how these developing advanced devices have changed the manner in which we live and share information, it is imperative to make a solid effort to adjust the subjective strategies for old and relocate them into the new framework. With this new arrangement of subjective exploration, organizations whether or not it be a little endeavor to a major aggregate, would now have simple access to the buyer’s knowledge that is basic in their dynamic procedure. Everything necessary currently is a bit of comprehension of versatile tech and minimal innovative reasoning.

QR Codes: What’s the Marketing Buzz About?

In the hot space between the tech and showcasing universes there has been some extensive buzz recently about the adequacy of QR codes. QR – short for Quick Response – codes are dark examples in a square shape on a white foundation. These are the codes utilized by numerous carriers to registration for flights utilizing your advanced mobile phone.

The data encoded can be a book, a URL or practically some other type of information. At the point when these standardized identifications are posted in broad daylight or private spaces they can be examined by advanced mobile phones so clients can get quick, direct access to sites or other online information assets to advance organizations, offer arrangements, convey data or outright promote. The favorable position is the speed and effectiveness that advanced mobile phone examining can offers clients who might not have the opportunity to recall or record a site address or surf the web to get to the webpage that includes the data that is being advanced. Gigantic in Japan (where they were imagined during the 90s to as an assembling GPS beacon) and rapidly getting on in Europe, QR codes are simply advancing toward America. It’s difficult to tell whether this will be Beatlemania Stateside or if this is simply one more geek pattern that won’t play in the Peorias between urban areas like New York and San Francisco.

As anyone might expect, the absolute “coolest” ventures in the nation – style and awesome music – have been a portion of the first to take the QR code buzz to most extreme degrees of presentation.

The Music and innovation celebration South By Southwest, held every year in Austin, TX, is known for acquainting the most recent innovation with the standard (as it accomplished for Twitter in ’07 and FourSquare in ’09) made a main event out of QR codes. There were QR codes everywhere throughout the celebration, remembering for the official celebration identifications. As per Evolver, “QR Codes will be considerably more ‘all over the place’ at SXSW 2011 than they were a year ago, in light of current circumstances. As the cell phone hauling crowds stream past banners for groups and tech new companies, a lot of likely exists to cajole them into connecting to sites, applications, recordings and free stuff utilizing the codes, which have become essentially more well known since the groups last flooded through the lanes of Austin.”

Clearly there are some extraordinary focal points to the innovation. It’s quick and it’s made for individuals “in a hurry.” It coordinates web innovation and the virtual world with genuine, physical space. It’s attractive and it’s extraordinary for organizations who need to pull in new clients or markets that wouldn’t in any case discover them.

What QR Codes Can Do For You

Bookmark a site, Make a Phone Call, Send a SMS, Send an E-Mail, Create a vCard, Create a vCalendar Event, Google Maps, iTunes App URL, Foursquare Venue URL, Play a video, send a tweet, and numerous different types of information conveyance. You are just restricted by your creative mind.

From raising an entirely different worldview of promoting and publicizing to being an over-advertised bogus alert in a tech time that is as of now crested, those Americans who even comprehend what QR codes aren’t all in understanding about how legitimate a showcasing device this sort of innovation can become in the States. Protectors state it’s a flat out need for America to stay aware of her Eastern and European partners on the mechanical scene; in the event that we won’t lead, we best remain in the game as devotees, as companions. And afterward others highlight the way that America is an overwhelmingly car driving nation and that QR codes perform best in places with substantial pedestrian activity like Tokyo, Paris, London‚Ķ and New York and San Francisco, two of the most atypical American urban communities in the nation in pretty much every class.

Others despite everything state the keen cash is on setting. No, there’s no motivation behind posting a QR code on a board close by a thruway in a Midwestern suburb. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about that Midwestern shopping center? Independent ventures without significant brand acknowledgment can get new clients by being the first to include this energizing new innovation in an unassuming community or suburb that doesn’t see a great deal of restless, front line thoughts in real life. Furthermore, by drawing in the young market, which is well on the way to be turned on by QR codes in territories where they may not in any case get a ton of empty talk, shopping center sort stores selling tennis shoes, mobile phones and show passes can get a ton of business with this gathering, one of the promoting and advertising world’s generally pined for – and, once in a while, flighty – socioeconomics. With time and notoriety building, one can expect more seasoned clients and less restless organizations to stick to this same pattern, utilizing QR codes to offer arrangements on each and anything from the trite to the novel, from auto administrations, basic food item coupons and open assistance data to film trailers, music downloads and recreational occasions. They may even supplant essential business cards.

Also the way that from an entrepreneur’s point of view, QR codes are moderately straightforward, free and easy to make. There are various “creation devices” that can make the examination of your QR codes like and QReateBuzz. A portion of these will much offer GPS beacons to perceive what number of individuals are checking your business’ codes, how frequently, in what area and with what gadgets. You can likewise mark them with style and shading. Telephone applications like QR Droid and QR Code Scanner Pro for Blackberry are as of now in the game for some cell phone proprietors with these highlights.

Obviously, similar to some other showcasing device, the crucial step isn’t finding a spot to stop your advertisement however knowing to whom it talks. Without getting hindered in the mechanical part of QR codes, recollect this is simply one more promoting gadget and that knowing your image, how to address your client regarding voice and place and what they’re searching for still apply as they would in the event that you were raising simply one more announcement out and about. Will QR codes bring new clients? Most likely. However, will they change the segment that your business as of now addresses? All things considered, that relies upon you and your business. What the window of novelty offers at the present time, dissimilar to some other quality with regards to widening a client base, is that the gather and sparkle of the new is just viable when it’s new. So if that uniqueness and bleeding edge buzz of the QR code is something you think could pull in clients who may not in any case be keen on or presented to your item yet like the restless reserve that QR codes offer at this moment, it’s ideal to make the most of present opportunities.

Advantages of Choosing an Android Application

In the event that you are maintaining an undertaking, it’s significant for you to collaborate with your latent capacity and target clients so you can maintain a productive business. With the ongoing headways in innovation, you can undoubtedly do it with the assistance of an intelligent and inventive cell phone application. Despite the fact that there are different cell phones in the tech world however Android based gadgets have increased colossal prominence as they bolster an assortment of utilizations.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you are intending to get a cell phone application for your business, guarantee that it is an Android based application. It will assist you with reaching most extreme crowds without investing numerous amounts of energy.

Here are a few advantages of picking Android application structure for your business.

Better Interaction with Customers

An all around structured, creative and valuable cell phone application goes about as an extraordinary instrument to connect with your latent capacity and target clients. Ensure that your Android application configuration speaks to your items and administrations in the market in the correct way so your crowds will like it. Planning an Android application is anything but a troublesome undertaking. You can either employ an Android application designer to get a cell phone application for your business or structure it yourself.

You need not to have specialized information or aptitude to plan an Android application as it just requires the engineers to have the information on programming language C.

Better Coordination with Audiences

On the off chance that you feel that your advertising heads can’t arrange with your crowds in the correct way, you can without much of a stretch do it with the assistance of a cell phone applications. You can without much of a stretch illuminate your clients about the limited time offers or occasions so they can take an interest in them. These versatile applications will assist you with staying in contact with your clients and have a superior collaboration with them.

Get Higher Number of Responses from Your Customers

Your application configuration will likewise make it simple for your expected clients to send a reaction to you. They will have the option to reach you immediately and ask their questions or give a moment criticism about your items and administrations in the market. Ensure that your application configuration is redone according to your business needs.

Anyway, what are you sitting tight for? Recruit an expert Android designer for your business and get an instinctive Android application structure that will take your business higher than ever.

I am a website specialist/content engineer from Rochester, New York who wants to build up an extraordinary client involvement in his manifestations. Nowadays composing articles about android web advancement

Why It Is Hard To Commercialize Digital Africa?

Tech center points are jumping up all over Africa. In Rwanda, the administration has put forth it an attempt to drive data and correspondence innovation access, with the perspective on exploiting the data age for its 11 million individuals. Aside from Rwanda, there are center points in Nairobi, and some coming to fruition in Uganda, and numerous different nations. For instance, at Makerere University, understudies from the registering and data innovation office create applications and sell them in the Samsung and Google application stores. Be that as it may, these applications are downloaded and utilized by individuals for the most part out of Africa. I have point by point various reasons with respect to why it resembles this underneath and furthermore proposed some potential arrangements;

Cell phone Penetration

As indicated by, worldwide reception of cell phones has purportedly bested one billion handsets. Also, in any event 30 nations, at any rate half of every portable surfer are utilizing cell phones, with Japan besting the rundown at 82% entrance followed by Switzerland and Kuwait both at 80%. In Africa, be that as it may, Egypt beat the rundown at 37%, with two East African players like Tanzania and Kenya at 13% and 12% separately in the best 5. The cell phone variation has been low up until now, this is a direct result of the significant expenses of these gadgets. The entrance to cell phones would make it simple for individuals to get to online substance, for example, advanced merchandise, and news in the comfort of their homes. Following this, it is simpler to transform these individuals into purchasers and merchants.

In any case, this is starting to change as minimal effort gadgets are hitting the market. For instance in Uganda, you can get a cell phone from Techno at under $50, and costs are relied upon to go down further.

Computerized Divide

Computerized separate really alludes to the absence of aptitudes to use the incredible data and specialized devices that somebody may have. For instance, I could have a cell phone, however when I am just utilizing it for voice calls. In the event that I can’t utilize it to message a SMS, or to get to the web since I don’t have a clue how to do it, at that point that is what is alluded to as the computerized isolate. This is a typical situation in Africa, where various individuals approach extremely amazing assets, yet come up short on the important aptitudes to completely tackle the capability of these apparatuses. The significant reason for this is high absence of education rates, the same number of individuals despite everything can’t peruse and compose. Language is additionally another gigantic obstruction here. Those whose perusing aptitudes are constrained to their nearby dialects are viably closed out.

Be that as it may, with the appearance of m-banking, telecom administrators have enormously put resources into promoting to assist individuals with exploiting these apparatuses. They have likewise given out free information bundles so individuals gain enthusiasm for utilizing the web, as in the model Airtel Uganda and MTN Uganda. I accept that this will go far in tending to the advanced gap issue, yet more should be finished.

Web Costs

South Africa is one of the most mechanically propelled nations in Africa, yet 66% of its grown-ups have never utilized the Internet, as per An ongoing report by the South African Network Society overview – an examination association taking a gander at the social effect of new media communications systems and advances in Africa – found that lone 34% of South African grown-ups utilize the Internet. That is around 12 million individuals. What’s going on in South Africa is only a microcosm of what’s going on in numerous pieces of the mainland. The explanations behind the terrible Internet measurements in Africa incorporate; costly home web get to due to absence of framework, high versatile information costs among others. It is along these lines hard to survey the feasibility of the advanced market on the mainland, in light of the fact that only a small amount of individuals on the landmass approach the web.The just expectation here is that worldwide web mammoths Facebook and Google have made it some portion of their plan to make web get to a reality, and Google has just begun doing tests in Africa.

Neighborhood Apps

As indicated by Nicholas Rixon of Bizcommunity, “There is a requirement for nearby application designers to create applications explicitly for the African market that take care of neighborhood issues and give utility to the nearby market. The ascent of versatile innovation has purchased about a dash for unheard of wealth of portable organizations hoping to make the following best application for shoppers and organizations. The market is overwhelmed with worldwide applications, a significant number of which don’t include an incentive in the African setting. Neighborhood buyers are searching for applications that help them in their day by day exercises to take care of nearby issues and increment their viability” This announcement wraps it up, there is a requirement for advancement of applications by Africans tackling simply nearby African issues. This will assist drive with massing variation, much the same as m-pesa had the option to do in Kenya, and subsequently, numerous individuals who were already unbanked now approach portable financial administrations.

Simpler Money Exchange Platform

I unequivocally accept that nothing quickened the development of eCommerce in Europe and North America more than the rise PayPal. In Africa today, the story is as yet extraordinary. Individuals in North Africa and the Middle East utilize an online installment framework called cashu. In sub Saharan Africa, numerous individuals are still unbanked, and there is no elective choice for doing computerized exchanges. At the point when you read gatherings of designers from over the locale, a large number of them are whining that they see it excessively hard as ready to trade out for their endeavors. A cash trade stage that is sufficiently modest and simpler to utilize ought to be created.

A List of My Top Rated iPhone Applications That I Am Using

There are an excessive number of incredible iPhone applications to tally. It isn’t as simple as some may might suspect to discover extraordinary ones, in any case. With such a huge choice to browse, how would you sift through the terrible from the great? The top merchants in the application store is consistently a decent spot to begin, yet one good suggestion I have is to ask your companions who additionally have the iPhone.

With regards to my iPhone, here are some applications that I reliably use.

For getting my well informed gaming fix, I love to play solid shape sprinter. This game includes inclining the telephone while you maintain a strategic distance from enormous 3D squares coming toward your space transport. It is a remarkable troublesome game, however is heaps of fun. Another fun iPhone game to play is Para Panic. This game has little paratroopers falling and you need to contact the screen to get them to fall on ships as opposed to falling in the ocean and getting eaten by sharks. It is more enjoyable than I make it sound.

At the point when I am attempting to get my fix of sports refreshes, the best application by a wide margin that I have found is ESPN’s Score Center application. This thing gives constant updates and permits you to store all your preferred groups. Portable banking is setting down deep roots. Whichever bank you use (accepting that it’s a significant one), there is likely an application that they offer. Exploit portable banking, which permits you to plan installments on your telephone, or move cash on the fly.

At last, one application worth investigating is Red Laser. This development telephone application incredibly permits you to check standardized identifications of things and will even disclose to you areas that are near to where you can purchase said item at the most minimal costs. Obviously, this article just skims the outside of probably the coolest iPhone applications out there.

10 Facebook tricks for Android

Facebook for Android is the official Facebook application for Android devices. At the time of writing this article, the application is at version 3.2.1 (available on the Google Play Store) and is an excellent integration of Facebook for mobile phones and tablets that use this operating system.

After seeing the 10 tricks for iPhone iPod Touch and iPad or the tricks for iOS devices, we now see 10 useful tips collected by Mashable for Android users.

Some of you may already know some of them but I assure you that most Android users do not know all the potential that this application offers. Browse the tricks and comment on the article by writing the ones you didn’t know. ūüėČ

  1. Change the order of the news
    By default Facebook leads us to receive the “main news”, organized according to an algorithm called Facebook Edgerank . From a hidden setting, however, you can organize the news and receive it in chronological order. The display will always be managed by the algorithm but at least the news will be displayed from the most recent to the least recent.

Open the Facebook application on your Android phone or tablet and click on the three-line icon in the upper left. Then click on the gear wheel icon and choose the view for more recent news.

Change news order

  1. Install the Facebook widget
    On Android, in addition to applications, you can place widgets on the screen and few know that Facebook also has one. Hold your finger on the screen and browse through the widgets to add the Facebook one.

You can write a status update, add a photo or make a registration to a place directly from the home screen without having to open the application.

Facebook android widget

  1. Edit your favorites
    Favorites are a great way to organize pages, groups, applications, friend lists and interests on the left column on both the Facebook app and the homepage.

From the application click on the three lines at the top left; scroll down and choose “Edit favorites” to select or deselect links to applications, pages etc. at the top.

Edit favorites
Click on the stars to remove them or add them at the top.

Favorites facebook android

  1. See the last time friends logged into chat
    Both from a computer and from the Facebook application it is possible to see the last time friends were online chatting on Facebook.

Click on the icon at the top right of the application to see next to each friend the mobile phone icon with the time since the last connection on Facebook.

Last connection time
Are you wondering how to hide this value from friends ? Just log out of the chat when you finish chatting. Press the icon at the top right (the three horizontal lines) and scroll down to click on “Account”.

Choose “Application settings” and remove the flag under “Chat availability” to disconnect and not allow others to see how long you have not connected on Facebook.

Android facebook chat availability

  1. Turn off notifications
    One of the things that annoys Facebook most for Android are the push notifications sent by the application every time something happens on Facebook (a like, a comment, a share, or even an invitation to an event etc. etc.) .

To disable them I have already written a guide, read how to disable Facebook notifications on Android .

The process is simple; from the menu at the top left scroll down to the Account item. Click and open the application settings. Then disable all notifications by removing the check under “Notifications” or choose one by one the types of notifications to be received.

Notification settings

  1. Share on Facebook from any application
    On Android you can share photos, links or videos from any application. Just click on the share button to see a screen like the one in the image, which allows you to share the content on other applications.

Share Facebook Android

  1. Access application settings from any page
    To access the Facebook app settings, you don’t necessarily need to go to the account -> Application settings from the top left menu.

Just press the options button on any Android device. On Samsung Galaxy is the button on the bottom left of the screen; pressed inside the app it will show a menu that allows you to access the settings, from any page, profile or part of Facebook.

Facebook Android settings

  1. Promote posts
    For administrators of pages that use Facebook advertisements, it is useful to know that it is possible to promote posts directly from the Facebook application, without having to use the computer.

Below each post on your pages you will find the link to highlight the post and sponsor it to fans and friends of fans.

Sponsored news

  1. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčup Facebook on your mobile phone or tablet
    After some time the Facebook application could become slow, browsing pages, photos and profiles could be unnerving, this due to the data cached by the application.

To speed up the application it is possible to empty the cache. Access the device settings on the Other -> Application Management tab and from the Facebook application page press the “Clear cache” button (the “delete data” button instead deletes all your information from the application “).

Clear application cache
If the application does not close due to some error / problem, a “forced shutdown” can be performed from the same screen.

  1. Don’t you like the official app? Try this

The Facebook app despite the advice in point 9 is always too slow for your taste. I invite you to try this: Fast for Facebook . It makes Facebook fast, unobtrusive and is an application downloaded by millions of people in a short time.

How do banking Trojans bypass two-factor authentication?

SMS two-factor authentication is widely used by banking institutions. Obviously, this measure works better than a simple password, but it is not impenetrable. Security experts discovered 10 years ago how it can be circumvented when this security measure was gaining popularity recently.

The same goes for malware creators. That’s why bank Trojan developers easily violate single-use SMS passwords. Here’s how it works:

  1. a user opens an official banking app on his smartphone;
  2. a trojan detects which app is used and superimposes a fake copy on its interface (the fraudulent screen is the same as the real one);
  3. the victim enters the login credentials in the fake app;
  4. then the offenders request a financial transaction to their account;
  5. the trojan sends the user’s credentials to the criminals, who use them to log into the user’s real banking app;

What is two-factor authentication and where should you enable it? #passwords #privacy #security

  • Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) June 9, 2014
  1. the victim’s phone receives an SMS with the disposable password;
  2. the trojan extracts the password from the SMS and sends it to the cybercriminals;
  3. he also hides the SMS from the user, because the victim is not aware of the ongoing operations until he checks his current account and transactions;
  4. The criminals use the intercepted password to confirm the transaction and receive the victim’s money.

It is no exaggeration to say that every modern banking Trojan knows how to circumvent two-factor authentication systems with SMS. In fact, malware creators have no other choice: since all banks resort to this security measure, Trojans have to be adapted.

Evolution of #Asacub trojan: from small fish to ultimate weapon – #infosec #mobile #banking

  • Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) January 20, 2016

There are many illegal apps that can do this, more than you could imagine. In the past two months alone, our experts have published three detailed reports dedicated to three different families of malware. Each one more fearful than the other!

Asacub : an espionage app that has evolved into a trojan and has learned to steal money from mobile banks.
Acecard : a very powerful trojan capable of overlapping the interfaces of almost 30 different banking apps . By the way, mobile malware is now dominating this trend: in the beginning, Trojans targeted an app from a certain bank or payment service, but now they manage to fake many apps at the same time.
Banloader : a cross-platform Trojan of Brazilian origin, capable of entering PCs and mobile devices simultaneously.

Android trump card: Acecard #banking

  • Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) February 22, 2016

As you can see, two-factor authentication is unable to protect you from banking Trojans. It has not been successful for many years, and now the situation is not improving. That’s why you need additional security measures.

The basic rule, useful but not 100%, is to install apps only from official stores. The point is that there have been enough cases where Trojans have succeeded with the Play Store or even the App Store .

That’s why the most reliable solution is to install a good antivirus on your mobile phone. You can start with the basic version of Kaspersky Internet Security . It’s free, although from time to time you have to scan the devices manually. The full version is better, because it catches viruses on the fly, but it’s payment.

Online security: 6 simple rules suitable for all ages

Do you have an asphyxiating mother or a father who wants to know continuously what you are doing, both in normal life and on Interner? C’est la vie! If you want more freedom, behave like

Do you have an asphyxiating mother or a father who wants to know continuously what you are doing, both in normal life and on Interner? C’est la vie! If you want more freedom, act like adults and show your parents that you are cautious.

You yourself will see the results. Protecting your social network accounts or those of your online games is very important. As we have told you several times on these pages, cyber criminals can enter your Facebook account, infect your smartphone with a virus or steal your video game accounts.

6 simple safety rules suitable for all ages

These criminals don’t care who they steal, it could be you or your grandfather, but if you have an account to play online, they are more likely to attack you than your grandfather. That’s why it’s important that you know how to protect your computer from Trojans and viruses. Some viruses are created to spy on you and get your hands on your passwords or other valuable data.

Are you taking these 4 steps to avoid catching a virus on the Internet? #internetsecurity

  • Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) July 8, 2015

As for passwords, most users use weak passwords. People very often choose unsafe combinations like ‘12345’ or ‘qwerty’; they save them on .doc files or on the hard disk and share them with friends via chat. Is it necessary to remind you that this kind of slightly habits, these naive behaviors, are not advisable ?

password safety tips to keep your kids safe on the Internet #safekids

  • Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) July 13, 2015

On the street tell strangers where you go and what you do, what you eat for breakfast or reveal the addresses of your friends? Probably not. On the Internet you have to follow the same rules. If you do not configure the privacy settings of your social networks well, anyone can access this information by taking a look at your Facebook or Instagram profile. So, keep this information private !

Security do’s and don’ts: Keeping weirdos aside #parenting #safekids #internettips

  • Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) July 20, 2015

Cybercriminals know how to make money by hacking your smartphone. In fact, they are very good. For example, they can steal your money by making you make calls to toll numbers or by subscribing to paid SMS services without you noticing. For this reason, your phone needs to be protected as well as your desktop computer.

It’s time to secure your #mobile devices #security

  • Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) July 27, 2015

Cyberbullying is another widespread scourge on the Internet. People are cruel and teenagers can be terrible at times. On the Internet, you may get involved in endless battles that don’t bring any good. Don’t waste your time and effort with these people; focus your energies on things that really interest you. If you find yourself facing a problem and can’t handle it, take a look at these tips .

Tips on confronting a cyberbully #safekids #parenting

  • Kaspersky Lab (@kaspersky) August 3, 2015

Remember that people are often very lying. Don’t pay attention to those beautiful girls or those guys with fantastic profiles who seem to give the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving a dream life: that’s probably not the way things are! We all have prejudices, make mistakes and sometimes lie. So be careful: on the Internet not everything is as it seems .

Not everything on the internet is what it appears –

Now, after reading our complete guide on online security, you are ready to surf. We wish you a pleasant journey and a little rough sea! Finally, always remember to consult your parents if you have any doubts or are in a difficult situation … or leave us a comment below!

That’s why you should never use someone else’s Apple ID on your iPhone

Users of any Apple device must have an Apple ID, a sort of digital passport to explore and experience the Apple world. To enter, you need an Apple ID that gives you a variety of rights and, like a real passport, it must not be loaned to anyone or you must not borrow it.

The first point of view is quite intuitive: if you give someone else your Apple ID you would lose access to your devices, data, subscriptions to which you are subscribed etc. Doubt may arise when we advise you against entering someone else’s Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad. Let’s analyze Marcie’s story as a case study.

Selling a used iPhone
After a year of love with her phone, Marcie decides to sell her iPhone X. Marcie simply wants to switch to a newer model, an XS or at least an XR. He initially plans to sell it on eBay, adding an ad on Craigslist for safety.

The next step is about the price. The phone is in good condition, so it decides to aim for a good selling price. In a year he had practically gotten dust, and there was not even a scratch! It will certainly take some time to find a buyer, but Marcie is in no hurry.

To his surprise, someone came forward the next day. A very nice woman writes to her that her husband would really like to buy an iPhone but he is always very busy and has no chance to make an appointment until the end of that week. However, he really appreciates the fact that the device is in perfect condition, for this he would like to pay the phone in advance and then pick it up later. To verify that the phone is fully functional, the woman asks Marcie to enter her husband’s Apple ID on the device. If everything seems okay, the lady would have immediately made the bank transfer to pay the price of the phone.

Marcie is thrilled, she thought it would take at least a couple of weeks to sell it, and instead 24 hours later, it’s all done. The lady sends her husband’s Apple ID email and password and Marcie wonders how some people reveal such important information to a perfect stranger without batting an eye. In any case, it is not his problem, so he enters the data on his smartphone and confirms to the lady that everything is ready to check the functioning of the iPhone.

At this point something happens that Marcie does not expect remotely. A message appears on the screen that the phone has been locked and someone at that certain email address will be contacted to unlock it. And there is no way to go beyond the black screen with this unpleasant message, the phone has been locked, period.

The “kind lady” (or a fake account) no longer responds to Marcie’s messages, who sends an e-mail to the famous address and is told that, in order to get the phone back, she should make a good payment in cryptocurrency.

Marcie stops for a moment to think and realizes that she has no guarantee that she won’t be fooled this time too. His iPhone is there on the table, a useless brick and totally indifferent to Marcie’s tribulations. And although she still has doubts as to whether or not to pay the ransom, she gets angry at herself for being fooled in this way.

Beware of strangers and their Apple IDs
The moment you allow someone to enter their Apple ID on your device, the device is no longer in your possession. And if cybercriminals take possession of it, it will not be easy at all to get him back: after deceiving the victim, the cybercriminals block the device through the iCloud functionality “Find my iPhone”.

This functionality was created to prevent a stranger from peeking at what the found device contains; in any case, the contacts will be displayed on the screen so whoever found the phone can contact the rightful owner.

In this case, of course, the device has not been lost; however, as soon as the victim enters another person’s Apple ID, the phone is immediately added to the list of devices associated with that person’s iCloud, and there is no going back from there. In short, a useful feature turns into something harmful if the purpose changes: cybercriminals use Find my iPhone to block iPhone and iPad and then request a ransom.

If you have to sell a used device, keep your eyes peeled and not just for the case just described. A widely used social engineering technique is to circumvent users of the forums that concern the Apple world, asking them to be able to enter their Apple ID using pretexts such as “my phone is dead, all my contacts are on iCloud, I have to call my boss urgently, please give me a hand “or something.

Thinking about it, if a similar situation were to happen and if you had Apple ID e-mail and password, wouldn’t it be enough just to connect to the web version of iCloud and put everything in place? But no. The cybercriminal account is protected by two-factor authentication so when you log in to iCloud, you must also enter the code sent to one of the devices. And of course, only cybercriminals have access to it, so being aware of Apple ID alone is not enough.

Moral of the story: never enter someone else’s Apple ID on your device. Even if they ask you please.

Android apps that spy on your devices

We have already talked about the mechanisms of advertising on the Internet and the tricks that use advertising networks to know the websites you visit . But your online life goes far beyond these sites. It is very likely that you spend a good part of your time on mobile apps and they also earn thanks to advertising; just like sites, apps also collaborate with ad networks.

To allow advertisers to get a detailed dossier about you in order to offer you personalized ads, the applications provide them with information on your device, even the information that Google prevents them from using.

What information can facilitate the tracking of your Android device?
What do applications to ad networks say about you? First of all, they are installed on your device. When the advertising network receives this information from various applications, it is able to find out your interests and therefore what are the types of ads that most attract you. For example, if you take a lot of selfies and you have Instagram and Snapchat installed on your phone, you could appreciate apps for filters and effects for photos.

Ad networks use device identification systems to accurately recognize the device on which apps are running. Every Android smartphone or tablet has various identifiers and most of them have not been created to help advertisers.

For example, unique IMEI codes help identify phones on the cellular network or to lock devices in the event of theft . A serial number can help you find all devices in the same batch that have defects, to withdraw them from the market. A MAC address, another unique identifier, allows connection to the network and in particular it can be useful to limit the list of devices authorized to connect to your home Wi-Fi network. Finally, mobile application developers use Android IDs (SSAID aliases) to manage the licenses of their products.

For a long time there was no type of advertising identifier, so applications used to share these identifiers with their partners. In this way users had no way to escape personalized ads: IMEI or MAC are unique codes that allow direct identification of any device. Whenever an ad network receives one, the network understands that the application has been installed on your phone.

In theory, these codes are modifiable (there are applications for this too) but it is not so easy and, even worse, it is an operation that can be risky for your phone. Root permissions are required for experiments of this type, and rooting makes the device vulnerable. Furthermore, manipulations such as the modification of the IMEI are illegal in some countries.

It is easier to change the Android ID: you just need to reset the phone or tablet to the factory settings. But once this is done, you will have to set everything up again, reinstall all your applications and log in to each one again. In short, it’s a nuisance, that’s why it’s not done so often.

Advertising ID: Theory
In 2013, Google presented an advertising ID to reach a compromise between Android users and the advertising industry. Google Play services assign the ID and users can restore it and create a new one if necessary, by going to Settings ‚Üí Google ‚Üí Ads ‚Üí Reset advertising ID . On the one hand, the identifier allows ad networks to track the habits and hobbies of device users. On the other hand, if you don’t like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčbeing spied on by advertisers, you can easily reset the ID at any time.

The Google Play store rules stipulate that advertisers may only use the advertising ID and nothing else for advertising purposes. The platform does not prohibit linking this ID to other identifiers, but Google Play applications need users’ consent.

The idea is that if personalized ads don’t bother you, you can leave the advertising ID as it is and you can also decide to authorize applications to connect it to any other system. On the contrary, however, you can prohibit the connection of this ID to other identifiers and reset the ID from time to time, thus disconnecting your device from the dossier previously collected. Unfortunately, the reality is another.

Advertising ID: reality
According to researcher Serge Egelman, over 70% of Google Play applications use at least one extra identifier without notifying it. Some of them, such as 3D Bowling , Clean Master and CamScanner, have been downloaded by millions of people.

Most of them use the Android ID, but IMEI, MAC addresses and serial numbers are also useful. Some applications send three or more identifiers to partner networks simultaneously. For example, the 3D Bowling game uses the advertising ID, the IMEI code and the IDAndroid.

Such practices make the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadvertising ID useless. Even if you try to prevent being spied on and continue to reset your advertising ID, the advertising network will use other more persistent identifiers to create another ID for your profile.

A malicious Android app has been downloaded over 100 million times from Google Play

Even if this behavior goes against the rules of Google Play, it is not easy to track down applications that take advantage of IDs. Google checks all applications before the release, but many not quite honest authors have found alternative methods and create malicious applications . Even the miner found ways to sneak in the store , so it’s no surprise that apps that seem to have no harmful characteristics sometimes go unnoticed.

Google cannot deny access to device identifiers to these applications, since they serve much more than just advertising. For example, by denying mobile apps access to the Android ID , Google would prevent app developers from protecting their products from piracy, thereby violating their rights.

Combat annoying ads
Of course, Google has introduced measures to limit the misuse of IDs. Thus, starting with Android Oreo, each application will have its own Android ID . Thus, for ad networks that rely on this ID instead of the ad ID, your Instagram will appear to be installed on one device and your Snapchat on another, thus making this data useless for accurate targeting.

However, IMEIs, serial numbers and MAC addresses cannot receive this type of protection, and the market is full of smartphones and tablets that use previous versions of Android and will never be updated to Android Oreo. We therefore recommend limiting data collection through application management.

Eliminate applications you no longer use. The fewer applications installed, the less data is collected by the ad networks;
Do not grant unnecessary permissions to the applications you wish to keep. This precaution will not completely prevent them from spying on you, but at least it will prevent applications from indiscriminately granting your IMEI code. In this case, I am accessing the IMEI code is set with a telephone authorization . Thanks to this same authorization, applications can know your phone number, see your calls, make calls (at your expense of course) and much more, so we advise you not to activate it.

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